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108 Ocean Road, South Shields, NE33 2JF

Award Winning Fish and Chips right here in South Shields

Award Winning Fish and Chips right here in South Shields

Smiths Chippy, the only place in South Shields to get award-winning fish and chips.

We are proud to announce that once again we are in the top 50 award winning fish and chip takeaways in the UK. This is the 3rd time is the last 6 years we have won this prestigious accolade.

award winning fish and chips


Why not take this opportunity to try some of our award winning fish and chips by clicking the order now button below for collection or delivery (delivery available Thurs, Fri and Sat 4:30-9pm). you can read our full review from Fry Magazine below.

Report on our award winning mystery visit by Fry Magazine.

Mystery visit report for:
Smiths Chippy (Ref: 5027 ) 
Survey: 50 Best Fish and Chip Takeaways 2018/19 V2 
Visit date: 13 December 2018

Overall visit score: 97%

Change since last visit: N/A
Venue average YTD: 97%

Visit details:
LocationSouth ShieldsVisited on:13 December 2018 at 12:30
Visit duration:15 minsTrade Level5%
Served by:Female with short dark hair, Cook was male with short cropped hair
Breakdown by section:
Section13 Dec
1. Telephone Enquiry100%
2. First Impressions100%
3. Service85%
4. Consumption100%
5. Consumption – The Batter100%
6. Consumption – The Fish100%
7. Consumption – The Chips100%
8. Staff88%
9. Payment100%
10. Lasting Impressions100%
Survey responses
1 – Telephone Enquiry100%
1When you called the shop to see what type of oil they used, was the phone answered within 5 rings by a person or an answer phone?Yes11
2Did the answer phone or call handler give you the information you needed to know? i.e. inform you of what type of oil they use?Yes11
The call handler was polite and helpful and confirmed they use sunflower oil.
Section total2/2
2 – First Impressions100%
1Was the exterior of the shop clean and free from litter?Yes11
The shop was well lit and inviting. The food hygiene certificate was on the window to the left of the door and as there was no steps or ridges it was accessible for the disabled.
2What is the hygiene rating on the FSA website?555
3When you entered was it clean, tidy and did it appear well presented?Yes22
There were 2 tables and chairs for the customers use and a self service coffee machine, which was clean, tidy and well stocked. Award certificates were displayed on the walls in photo frames. There was an array of posters with menu and specials displayed, as well as local events.
4Was there disabled access?Yes11
5Did a member of staff greet you or at least acknowledge you when you were at the front of the queue?Yes22
The server was chatting to a couple who were already being served and we were comfortable enough to join in the conversation while waiting for our food to be cooked.
On approaching the shop it was clean, bright and welcoming and we were not disappointed on entry.
Section total11/11
3 – Service85%
1Were the staff who served you polite and professional?Yes22
She was polite and friendly.
2Were the menu boards clear and easy to read?Yes22
There was a menu board showing food and prices as well as numerous posters advertising specials and additional items such as squid rings in batter and garlic mushrooms as well as a Christmas special patty.
3Was there a notice identifying where the fish is sourced from?No10
4Did your server know where the fish was sourced? (You must ask this question)Yes11
5Did you find the ordering of your food and drink easy and straight forward?Yes11
A notice advised a 10 minute wait as food is cooked to order.
6Did your server offer or recommend any additional items to accompany your order?No10
The only items offered were salt and vinegar.
7Were your fish and chips cooked fresh to order?Yes11
We ordered our fish when we entered the shop as a notice on the wall indicated all food was cooked to order and it would be a 10 minute wait.
8Was it apparent that the staff were proud and knowledgeable about the products on offer?Yes11
There was one server and one cook and while waiting for the food we chatted about the specials that they like to introduce and particularly the current one being their Christmas Patti. They also advertised vegetarian options.
9Taking into account how busy it was, did you feel the service you received was efficient and appropriately paced?Yes22
We were served within the time scale advised by the poster.
10Were you offered salt and vinegar on your food?Yes11
Although we were not offered additional items, there was plenty of notices to show what was available and a fridge well stocked with soft drinks as well as a self service coffee machine.
Section total11/13
4 – Consumption100%
1Please list the food you sampled: Please specify which fish you had.
Cod Chips garlic mushrooms and coffee.
2Was there an adequate choice and range of food available?Yes11
There was a wide range of food from your usual fish, sausage and patties to the more unusual squid, garlic mushrooms and onion rings.
3Were you happy with the way your food was packaged and presented?Yes11
The fish and chips were packed in a polystyrene type container with garlic mushrooms in a separate container and all were then placed in a paper carrier bag advertising their shop.
We were happy with the variety of food available and how well it was packaged.
Section total2/2
5 – Consumption – The Batter100%
1Did it cover the whole fish?Yes44
It was golden and even throughout.
2Was the thickness of the batter even across the fish?Yes44
Perfect covering.
3Was the batter crispy (not soggy)?Yes44
Although there was a very slight sogginess on the underside of the fish from being in the container for 5 minutes it was still crispy.
4Was the batter even in colour?Yes44
Beautiful golden cover all over.
5Was the batter free from carbon particles? (black specs)Yes44
The food was free from any carbon particles.
The batter was perfectly cooked. It had an even golden colour and was light and crispy.
Section total20/20
6 – Consumption – The Fish100%
1Was the fish white (not grey)?Yes44
Fish was perfectly cooked and white.
2Was the fish flaky?Yes44
The fish flaked as I put my fork into it.
3Was the fish moist?Yes44
Melted in the mouth.
4Was the fish at an acceptable temperature for consumption?Yes44
As it was freshly cooked it stayed hot.
5Was the fish free from excessive grease and oil absorption (had the fish been left to drain off the oil sufficiently before it was packaged)?Yes44
The cook stood the fish on end to drain the excess oil when he removed it from the fryer before packaging.
It was a beautiful piece of fish expertly cooked and packaged.
Section total20/20
7 – Consumption – The Chips100%
1Were the chips a nice even golden colour?Yes44
They were an inviting golden colour.
2Were the chips free from excessive oil or grease?Yes44
They were nicely drained and free from any excessive oil.
3Were the chips crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside?Yes44
They were light and fluffy with a crisp coating.
4Were the chips free from carbon particles or “eyes” (black specs, circles or any black areas?Yes44
Not a black spot or eye to be seen.
5Were there a lot of smaller chips or scraps in your portion of chips?No44
There was only about 5% of the portion made up of smaller chips.
The chips were the best we have tasted from a takeaway in a long time. They were crispy and golden and free from excess oil.
Section total20/20
8 – Staff88%
1Were the staff focused on serving customers and duties rather than talking amongst themselves?Yes22
There were only 2 members of staff, cook and server, both were friendly and chatted to customers rather than each other.
2Was your server wearing a clean and presentable uniform/apron?Yes22
She wore an apron with the shop logo printed on.
3Did you know who your server was by either a name badge or a name printed on the uniforms?No10
There was no name tag or badge.
4Did the chef wear a hat/hair net/bandana?Yes11
The chef wore a baseball cap with the shop logo printed on.
5Did the server wear a hat/hair net/bandana?Yes11
She wore a hat with the shop logo printed on.
6Were all staff free from jewellery and nail polish (except for a wedding ring)?Yes11
The server appeared to be free from accessories including nail varnish.
The staff was very friendly, when we tried the coffee machine we didn’t place the cup in position and therefore lost the coffee, the chef immediately came from behind the counter and used a token so we would not have to pay again. When asked about various items on the menu and where fish was sourced he was very happy to discuss it.
Section total7/8
9 – Payment100%
1Was the payment transaction well handled?Yes11
I asked if I could pay by card and there was no problem.
2Did the shop offer card payments?Yes11
And there was a notice on the door to say card payments accepted.
3Did any member of staff thank you, say goodbye or acknowledge you when you were leaving?Yes22
Yes they both said thank you and enjoy your food
Payments were straightforward, when I asked for a receipt there was no problem although it was a card receipt. Coffee was cash as it was self service.
Section total4/4
10 – Lasting Impressions100%
1Do you think this venue offers good value for money?Yes11
They were the best fish and chips we have had in a long time and definitely value for money.
2Based on this experience, would you eat from here again or recommend to others?Yes11
We would definitely recommend it to others.
3Please suggest anything you feel could help to improve this business and service.
The only suggestion I could make is possibly have tea as well as coffee on offer.
Section total

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